Vera (raths_kitten) wrote in ros_ichallenge,

Winners (Challenge 36)

First Place to

by hybridmagic

Second Place to

by hybridmagic

Third Place to

by hybridmagic

Mod's Choice to

by thekai05

Congrats! thekai05, can you, like usual, make the banners again? If not I can make them on Friday. I'll also post the new challenge then, if my co-mod is still MIA.
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Sure, I'd love to make the banners!

Ummm... maybe it's just a glitch, but I can't see the mod's choice icon. There's nothing there?


July 30 2008, 14:14:46 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  July 30 2008, 14:18:48 UTC

I couldn't see it here either, but I thought it was just stupid dial-up. the code is right, maybe it copied the wrong URL... I'm gonna check.

Sorry, it was the URL. I guess when I hoovered, it switched to part of the stupid snap preview. Wouldn't have happened if you had included the URL yourself though. ;)
Here are your banners, hybridmagic! Congrats!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Congrats to HybridMagic!