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Roswell: I Challenge...

Roswell Fanfiction & Icon Challenges

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Roswell Icon & FanFic Challenge
Welcome to ros_ichallenge, a challenge community for Roswell fanfiction as well as icons. Of course you don't have to enter both challenges though! So don't worry if you're a great author but don't even own a graphics programm, you are not forced to make icons as well. ;)

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1) A new challenge is posted every two weeks, usually on a Friday.
2) You will have 14 days to send in your submissions.
3) You submit your icon(s) by commenting to the original challenge post. All comments will be screened.
4) Voting will take place over the weekend.
5) Winners are announced Sundays (1st, 2nd & 3rd place + Mod's Choice).

1) You may use an image twice. Blending two (or more) of them for one icon is okay as well.
2) Animations are allowed.
3) All submissions must meet LJ icon standards. Meaning 100x100px or less and 40kb or under.
4) You can vote even if you have not submitted an icon for the challenge.
5) Don't vote for yourself. Do you really want to win knowing it might just be because of your own vote?
6) Don't direct link to any of the icons created for this challenge or use icons uncredited. If you want to use one of the icons you'll see here, please leave a comment with your vote and/or once the winners are announced.

1) A new challenge is posted once a month, usually on the 1st.
2) You will have the full month to send in your submissions.
3) The voting will be set up as soon as the challenge has ended and will stay open for a full week to give everyone the time to read all of the fics.
4) There will be a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place + Mod's Choice.

1) You submit your fics by posting them to this community. Unlike with icons you will create a whole new post for them. (Note: Posting is moderated for now, so your posts will only show up once we approve them. It should never take more than a few hours tops though!)
2) In your post please include

Category/Pairing: i.e. Michael/Maria, AU or Max/Liz, Tag and so on
(Short) Summary:

And put your main story behind an LJ-cut!

3) Any pairing goes, no matter if it's CC or UC (slash included). You are also not limited to the Roswell Universe and may write AU stories, as long as they meet the challenge requirements. And as long as our Roswell characters are included, of course. ;) You may also write crossover fics.
4) Any rating goes. From PG to NC-17/Adult. Just make sure to include it in your post!
5) As far as length goes, anything over 400 words is good to go. You can write a fic with more than one part, but then please collect all of them into one post.
6) Anyone can enter and vote, you don't have to be a member of this community (although we sure appreciate it if you join).
7) You are more than welcome to leave feedback for the fics as soon as they are posted (independent to the actual voting).
8) And lastly, you can post your fics on other places (ff, ezboards...) as well, just please, if you do, include a link back to this challenge. Thanks.


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Credits: Texture used on the layout from ownthesunshine.