Vera (raths_kitten) wrote in ros_ichallenge,

Voting (Challenge 37)

Thanks for your entries. Now please vote for your top three icons in order of preference. Winners will be announced on Friday.

01.   02.   03.   04.

05.   06.   07.   08.

09.   10.   11.   12.

13.   14.   15.   16.

The new challenge will be posted Friday as well - unless of course unfocusing comes back - because I have finals this week and am currently still at uni.

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    This community has been dead for a few months now, due to lack of participation and the MIA status of my co-mod. And I've been less than enthusiastic…

  • Extension

    Still nobody else has entered, so you have another week. Please enter HERE! Thank you.

  • Extension

    Only two of you have entered, so the challenge is extended until next week. Please enter HERE!

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